Welcome! Today is Tuesday 19th January 2021

Nationwide Health Systems Inc. is committed to provide medical services
to the respective embassies of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and their visa applicants.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Please choose your branch location and follow your Local Government Guidelines on medical appointments. Keep safe everyone!

SPECIAL NOTE FOR WORKERS: Regarding the Visa-Related Medical Examination
You are here to undergo an embassy-required medical examination as part of your visa application. The examination and tests are done to ensure that no public health, public safety, or unreasonable demand is imposed on the host country.

The VISA-RELATED MEDICAL EXAMINATION is different and not accepted by the POEA just as the POEA medical examination is not accepted by the embassy. The embassy's medical examination is done to protect its citizens. The POEA medical examination is done to protect the OFW.

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